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On Tuesday, April 22, Lantern Table will host Fullsteam, Mother Earth and Dashi to celebrate North Carolina Beer Month with a party inspired by Japanese izakayas in our garden.

Chefs Andrea Reusing and Billy Cotter will collaborate with brewers Sean Lilly Wilson and Josh Brewer on a Spring cocktail party-style dinner that pairs a beer with each salty, spicy, crunchy bite.

The evening is $75 a person, excluding tax and gratuity, and 100% of sales will benefit Kitchen Patrol, Lantern’s non-profit work to improve children’s access to good food.

Lantern Garden

We are happy to announce Lantern Garden is now open! Join us on the patio every evening for drinks and our full menu.


Andrea shares her recipe for scallops in yellow curry with spicy grapefruit salad in the January issue of FOOD & WINE.

Edible Portland

Andrea talks slaughterhouses and ham sandwiches with Edible Portland's Underground Airwaves.

Tasting Table

Andrea stopped by Tasting Table and shared her recipe for Seared Duck Breast with Glazed Sweet Potatoes!

Southern Living

We are honored to be included in Southern Living’s “100 Places to Eat Now”!

5 Things You Need To Know In The South Right Now

Art in the Alley

Artist and musician Ron Liberti's most recent work was installed in Yates Alley on June 23. Commissioned by Lantern, the series of eight panels are each based on a detail from one of Liberti's celebrated rock posters.

A collection of his work is held at the Southern Folklife Collection in The Wilson Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Eater: Watch Andrea Reusing's TED Talk on the Illusion of Abundance and the Invisibility of Farm Workers

Here's a thought-provoking TEDx Talk from Lantern's Andrea Reusing in which the Chapel Hill, NC chef urges the food world to "make a place for farm workers at the table." Reusing points out that we live in a world run amuck with "foodies," saying, "We have tote bags for our tote bags. Our compost piles have their own Tumblrs." But yet somehow still the food community often ignores "something that's much more fundamental to the way we live: the lives of the people who harvest the food that we eat." Eater

In other news

Lantern Table was honored to be a host of the NC Choices Women in Meat conference in May. Women from all across North America and the whole spectrum of the meat industry met in Chapel Hill for sessions of hands on meat-cutting and discussion, facilitated by Master Butcher Kari Underly, author of The Art of Beef Cutting: A Meat Professional’s Guide to Butchering and Merchandising

An interview in The Daily Meal.

Cooking in the Moment

Cooking in the Moment

Cooking In the Moment selected as one of the New York Times notable cookbooks of 2011!

A serious thank you to Serious Eats for including Cooking in the Moment with such great company in their favorite cookbooks of the year.

Recipe from Cooking in the Moment:

Curried Beets

From Cooking in the Moment: A Year of Seasonal Recipes