New Year's Eve 2013



Lantern sashimi - Olde Salt oysters with homemade hot sauce,
pound-net flounder aguachile, Red Poll beef tartare with lime leaf,
wild Steelhead trout with cured lemon, pickled beet and roe

Lantern seafood salad - wild shrimp, NC clams, sea scallops, seaweed, yuzu

Whitted Bowers winter greens with honey fried walnuts and pomegranate

Crispy whey fed pork belly - 5-spice, pickled radishes, chicharrón

Warm kabocha squash salad with red lentils, saffron, pickled onions, seared Chapel Hill Creamery paneer


Spice cured Moulard duck - Hayman sweet potato puree, warm L’Hoste
kumquat-chile relish, Four Leaf Farm pea greens

Seared Red Poll NY strip - charred onion, roasted mustard marrow bone, 7-spice potato chips

Smoked NC sturgeon - warm miso-sake butter, baby bok choy, Edwards country ham,
shiitake mushrooms, black sticky rice

Crispy whole Virginia black bass Cha ca la Vong - fresh tumeric, spicy heirloom carrot salad, dill, jasmine rice

Lantern green curry stew - winter vegetables, red onions, pea greens,
tofu dumplings, Thai basil, coconut


Frozen High Rock Farm chestnut custard with espresso caramel, rum-soaked prunes and a cocoa nib waffle cookie

Whitted Bowers honey panna cotta - meyer lemon caramel, Four Leaf Farm kiwi, honeycomb candy

Hot chocolate cake - local pecan brittle ice cream

Steamed native persimmon pudding - cognac cream, candied Louisiana kumquats

Gin & Juice - L’Hoste grapefruit sorbet, candied grapefruit, gin, vanilla bean