Lantern Valentine's Day Dinner - 2014



Dashi sticky rice - rock shrimp, pea greens, oyster mushrooms, crispy sunchoke

Warm kabocha squash salad - red lentils, saffron, dates,
warm Chapel Hill Creamery paneer

Lantern oysters 3 ways - NC trout roe, crème fraîche, yuzu;
Whitted Bowers cucumber and hot sauce jello;
Roasted with seaweed butter

Crispy local pork belly - 5-spice, pickled pumpkin, cabbage, chicharrón


Crispy striped bass filet Châ cá la Vong -
fresh tumeric, spicy heirloom carrot salad, dill, jasmine rice

Roasted Moulard duck - kasu, white sweet potato, pickled apple, shallots

Seared Red Poll New York strip - charred onion, roasted miso-mustard marrow bone,
7-spice potato chips

Moon-viewing hotpot- homemade Anson Mills soba noodles, oyster and
shiitake mushrooms, local vegetables and a slow-cooked local farm egg


Resort sundae - North Carolina paw paw frozen custard, passion fruit, sparkling L’Hoste grapefruit
champagne sorbet, candied fruit

Hot chocolate cake - preserved Whitted Bowers strawberry ice cream

Fresh coconut and rose cream cake - hibiscus-rose syrup,
candied coconut, pistachio

Spiced chocolate pudding - toasted marshmallows, candied ginger,
Carolina Ground graham cracker